Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

​​​​​​Ready for 90 Days of consistent, step-by-step action that brings about a completely transformed life? Not only will you achieve your goals, you'll also discover a new passion for life, a new love for yourself and a thriving relationship with food and body, living in a whole new level of joy and confidence.


As masters of habit change, we turn these healthy habits into behaviors that last so your success is inevitable.


In a Nutshell:


  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having a thriving, healthy relationship with food and your body.


  • Discover which foods to eat for your unique body type so you're satisfied and energized throughout the day... no blood sugar spike!


  • Practice making healthy substitutions so you can still enjoy your favorite dishes, still loving the tastes but nourishing your body at the same time (win win, right?!).​


  • Learn what to buy and how to save when shopping at the grocery store- how to eat healthy on a budget and not be paralyzed by what to purchase!


  • End the cycle of dieting, reading labels and being ruled by shame and guilt.


  • Enjoy Successful Meal Planning: A done-for-you calendar of healthy meals and easy recipes so you can eat delicious fare in the comfort of your own home- save money, eat like a queen!


  • Learn to choose wisely when eating out: you don't need to pick between being healthy or having a social/family life.

  • Develop a powerful vision for what successful eating patterns, habits, feeling good, weight loss and more time for yourself looks like for you and your life-we'll set up a plan and then walk you through it so you have those powerful results you've always wanted.


  • Discover which foods, environmental factors, beliefs and lifestyle habits are causing you stress, anxiety, guilt, illness, ruts, etc. and how any they are keeping weight on… we know what to do about it!


12-Week Program with one-time purchase OR monthly pricing available!


    Julie, a trained chef and certified Holistic Health Coach works with clients one-on-one or in a group setting to create a customized, practical and effective plan that is science-based and is integrated with long-term habit change.

    She helps you form healthy behaviors that lead to an energized, confident and less-stressed life.

    In addition to helping you achieve balanced, healthy living, she works with individuals to manage different conditions, including the following: 

    - Autoimmune
    - Adrenal + Thyroid
    - Diabetes 
    - Emotional Eating
    - Weight Loss

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