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Welcome to Nothing But Nourished!

Welcome to my page, Nothing But Nourished! I am so glad you are here!

My name is Julie but most people call me Jules. I am a holistic health coach and chef who has a burning desire to see lives transformed and set free from all kinds of physical, mental and financial pain. When it comes to nutrition and lifestyle, I'm a total and complete nerd. Too, I am addicted to helping individuals not only form healthy habits but am also incredibly passionate about educating and empowering them to build these into lasting behaviors.

Since you're here, I thought I'd give you a little overview of WHY I started this!

Nourishment is one loaded word- in fact, it has multiple definitions! Check this out:

Nourish : To nurture; to promote the growth of; to furnish or sustain with nutriment (nutrient); to maintain/support

Nutrient : a substance or ingredient that promotes growth, provides energy, and maintains life

These definitions are exactly what I work to achieve for my clients. Nourishment goes far beyond just food. Wouldn't you agree?

When we walk away from a meaningful conversation with a friend feeling happy and thankful, we are nourished. When we move our bodies in a way that promotes growth and strength, we are nourished. When we have a deep connection with our Creator and are in alignment with our purpose in life, we are nourished. When we feed and fuel our cells with healing, nutrient-dense foods, we are nourished.

Nothing But Nourished came about from my own journey towards health. I personally experienced and saw the gap in health care and everyday living, realizing that we are an overfed but undernourished generation. I saw that self care was truly the best health care and experienced dramatic transformation when I began to implement healthy lifestyle practices into my every day living. However, that being said, I found that with all the information, resources and opinions that are present today, it was overwhelming to know where to even begin to take the first step towards a healthy change. We need to go back to the basics of simple, uncomplicated and unbiased living!

I personally began to see that what is at the end of our fork is, in my opinion, the catalyst to feeling amazing and preventing a cascade of health issues that so many are experiencing today. Scientific research is constantly uncovering the many ways that our bodies are affected by our gut health, stress, inflammation, genetics, and lifestyle. How we eat and what we eat literally determine what messages get sent to the cells in our body and mind, and those in turn are what directly impact our sense of self, how we feel, and ultimately how we live our every day lives.

So often we think that since our family has "unhealthy" genes (whether it's a disease, obesity, etc.), we assume that that is our fate and that we will inevitably end up that way. While we can't control the genes we inherit, we CAN control which ones are expressed! Science is showing us that lifestyle is often the trigger that, when pulled, is what causes these "bad genes" to be expressed... Cool huh!? How exciting to know that we are in control of our health and the health of our future generations!

Nothing But Nourished exists to empower people to take ownership of their health by providing practical, simple solutions to manage common and/or chronic health issues. Through my holistic wellness and lifestyle coaching programs, I help you create habit change that has been scientifically shown to help promote a life free from physical, mental and financial pain, giving you the tools to thrive wherever you're at in life. You are here for a reason. The community we are forming here is FOR you. I can't wait to serve you!!

Xo, Jules

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