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How to Manage Stress & Keep the Weight Off During the Holiday Season

Here it is! The most wonderful — and stressful — time of the year! As this holiday season kicks off, now is the time to start implementing a plan to help you better manage stress and stay well through these next couple months of festivities.

Read on for some incredible tips and tricks that will help you look and feel your best this holiday season, keeping your stress levels under control!

According to much research, "stress is a factor in five out of the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents. An estimated 75 percent to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues."


Stress results in poor sleep, poor nutrition, weight gain, a weakened immune and digestive system along with uncontrollable sugar cravings.

And did you know that the average individual gains 1-2 pounds from Halloween to New Years Day? Due to a variety of reasons (overindulging, poor food choices/skipping meals, stress, lack of sleep, sickness and other factors), this is a slow and steady "gain."

Imagine if we could nip all of this in the bud and avoid the extra fluff and puff altogether? Picture an energized, healthy and confident you: how would that effect your health and mental well-being?

Let me tell ya: it's possible!

"Yeah right, Jules! How do you think I can manage that? Just thinking about tackling stress and weight gain is stressing me out!"

Trust me. I get it. I've taken that into consideration and have pondered how I can best serve you!

Nothing But Nourished is pleased to offer you a Done-For-You Meal System with Cleansing/Detoxing and Stress Support. Combine this with a FREE customized plan catered to your unique body type and schedule, along with weekly support and accountability... talk about stress relief!

Imagine having two highly nutritious meals to support weight wellness, detoxification of those "sick germs", a solution for managing stress naturally and the on-the-go convenience and consideration of your budget!

This popularly recommended pak contains a wide assortment of products designed to work together for optimal results, offered at the best possible value. Save time, money and stress by flooding your body with these nutrients in the two healthy meals taken care of daily.

Sound good to you? Simply click here to contact me for guidance or, shop my most popular paks here!

Tips & Tricks For Staying Healthy Through The Holidays:

Set yourself up for success by being mindful about what you consume: no diets or deprivation! Choosing to enjoy a favorite dish rather than going through the motions (or by default) is a much better option.

Approach the "food altars" with caution: just because there is a bowl of candy present does NOT mean that from now on candy will cease to exist- thus you better go crazy...Chill Tthe candy won't feel bad and neither will your tummy!

Want to enjoy a classic treat? You can! Be selective and strategize when and how much beforehand so you don't go overboard and regret it later...

Attending a party or a happy hour? Try having a high quality snack or mini meal full of healthy fat and proteinbeforehand- this will help stabilize blood sugar, manage cravings and control the icky feeling of "hangry." Don't show up starving! When you do so, it's easy to overeat and feel even more terrible.

On the same note, try bringing a healthy version of your favorite dish so you know that you have at least one nutritious option present.

Be mindful of liquid calories: A 5-6 oz. glass of wine contains anywhere from 120-160 calories and a club soda with vodka contains about 80 calories... those add up!

Pace yourself with plenty of time and water in between.

Build awareness of what you are consuming by using a food journal: this promotes accountability, consistency and helps you stay on track.

Exercise: This is not only a fabulous stress reliever, it also helps maintain weight, detoxify the chemicals, toxins and "sick germs" that are ever-so present during this time of the year.

Ready to enter into the Christmas season well-rested, confident, peaceful and with stress under control? How about gliding into 2020 with style?

Click here and I will contact you immediately to give you more information!

Santa can bring a lot of goodies, but he can't bring you good health! That's up to YOU!

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