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Food and Your Genes... Are They Related?

Food is so much more than medicine or fuel; food is literally information that, when consumed, either promotes health or disease.

One of the most sobering things I’ve ever heard is that our genes load the gun but our environment pulls the trigger... AKA maybe you're born with certain genetics that may or may not lead to illness, but your lifestyle (the environment you live in, your diet, sleep, whether or not you exercise, how you manage stress, etc. ) is often what determines whether or not those “bad genes” will act up or not. A prime example: obesity may run in the family, but it isn't necessarily your fate- you don’t have to fall into that category if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle. As Dr. Frank Lipman says, "Just as a computer program won’t function well when it gets fed bad data, neither will your body. Once you understand that food is “data” or complex information that the body uses to direct the multifaceted actions that keep us vibrantly alive, it’s easy to understand that loading up on junk food is like taking the fast lane to a giant system failure. Foods loaded with sugar, trans fats and chemicals, and foods processed beyond recognition, are simply “bad data” for human consumption. I call these “food-like substances” because they are not real food. If you eat these regularly, your body stops working properly. When you bathe your genes in an unhealthy environment, like the one created when you eat junk food, your genes “miscue” metabolic actions that can trigger disease. For example your body responds to “food-like substances” as if they are “foreign bodies”. This prompts an inflammatory response as your body tries to protect itself. Over time, continued consumption can lead to the development of a low grade chronic inflammatory condition which is now becoming recognized as an important precursor to a variety of more serious forms of illness...” While this is sobering, it also should lead to hope! Some things are out of our control, yes, but there are many things that are in our control, so why not act on those things and make sure we’re doing everything we can to live our best lives?

My biggest piece of advice is to start with what is at the end of your fork! Diet alone can make or break your health.

If you're feeling stuck and don't know where to begin, click here to schedule a FREE session with me. We'll uncover what's stopping you or slowing you down from living your very best life... then we'll come up with a plan to get you (and your genes!) feeling and looking your best!

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