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5 Easy Ways to Get Healthy After the Holidays (pssst! No dieting involved!)

Feelin’ a little post-holiday hangover with your body, energy and immune system?

For those that had a days of full-on feasting with loads of delicious food that you probably wouldn’t normally eat (but you definitely ate anyway), read on for some quick tips to get back on track and feelin’ fab!

MANY of my friends, family and clients (and me!) feel oh-so good when having 2 superfood meal smoothie/shakes + a sensible meal + a snack or two thrown in when needed... You are not far from feeling this way again!

If you just recently had a not-so-healthy day of overeating, I cannot encourage you enough to NOT jump straight into a cleanse/fasting day (as tempting as that may be!) as this does damage to your metabolism and digestive system.

Here are 5 tips to recover ASAP from holiday indulgence overload:

🎄 1. Get out and move today 🎄 2. Drinks tons of water with 🎄 3. Go for the whole foods (fruits and vegetables) 🎄 4. Start your day with a shake (I have a delicious list of ones that I personally use- DM me if interested) 🎄 5. Think of how you want to feel, your next goal you are working towards and make your food choices around that 🎄 6. Journal those crazy thoughts down so they aren’t taking up room in your head, which causes anxiety which can cause stress-eating

Click here if you’d like to hear more about my guided 21-Day Reset! Having just finished this myself, I can honestly say I feel lighter, cleaner and more refreshed than ever!

What do we do?

* I walk you through exactly what to eat (easy recipes included or a done-for-you system where you don’t need to cook; both options are available) * What to avoid and a plethora of other different, delicious substitutes * Whole-food supplements targeted to help fill nutritional gaps * A daily, flexible lifestyle schedule you can use to reset your baseline for health and digestion * Daily journaling email prompts * Amazing support from yours truly 💕

My new program is starting as a group and we’d love to have you join us! I can’t wait to share it with you! Forward this link to a friend or family member, click here and join us for this amazing, NON-diet new lifestyle!

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